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Fiends Fell Sheep is Alistair, Jane and Tess with lots of Rare Breed Sheep.

Jane started her farming journey three years ago, with the arrival of the first Hebridean rare breed sheep, Alistair started his farming journey too many years ago to remember, this is his return to farming after a break of over twenty years. Tess is at the very beginning of her farming journey.

Fast forward 3 years, we now have a flock of Hebridean sheep and also the even rarer Manx Loagthan sheep.

Jane is learning to shepherd, Ali is remembering and still learning. Day to day care, looking after their welfare, watching and seeing, enjoying and grieving, so many emotions.

Early 2018 was when we got a sheepdog puppy Tess, who has joined us on our learning journey danmark-aptk.com. She is a hundred miles an hour, Jane is 2mph!